Get the Taste Buds Excited with Hand-Made Starters, Always made in House from Scratch!

Pot Stickers

Hand Wrapped Chicken Dumplings Served with Teriyaki Dip

Won Ton Chips & Dip

Thick Golden Won Ton Triangles Served with House Red Sauce

Spring Rolls

Hand-wrapped Crispy Rolls with House Seasoned Vegetable Filling, Served with House Red and Mustard Sauce

Pork & Seeds

House Marinated Barbeque Pork Thin-Sliced and Sprinkled with Sesame. Served with House Mustard Sauce

Creamy Crab Stars

Hand Wrapped with Creamy Crab Stuffing from Scratch and Lightly Deep-Fried into Crispy Stars

Beijing Chicken Salad

Fresh Iceberg Lettuce with House Mustard Sauce and Tossed with Crispy Tender Chicken Strips and Rice Sticks