Pork is to Chinese Cuisine as Beef is to American. From Flaming Stir-fried Pork Strips to Crispy Golden Pork Bites, Our Pork Dishes will Have you Doubting your Meat Affiliations!

Flaming Garlic Pork

Bring on the Heat! Tender Pork Strips Stir-Fried with Bamboo and Wood Mushrooms in a Furious Garlic Sauce

Hunan Pork

Hallmark Szechuan Dish with Tender Pork Strips Stir-Fried in House Szechuan Chili Sauce

Ruby Red Pork

Classic Canto Style Crispy Pork Bites Drizzled with House Sweet-n-Sour Sauce

X.G. Pork

Hui Styled Dish with Tender Pork Strips Stir-Fried with Seasoned Tofu and Assorted Peppers in House Dark Sauce

Salt & Pepper Pork

Lip-Smacking Crispy Pork Bites Stir-Fried in Chef's 10-Spice Seasoning

Scallop Beef Sizzler

Juicy Scallops and Tender Strips of Steak Wok-Seared in House B.B.Q. Sauce and Served on a Sizzling Platter