Food Sensitivities and Allergies

Customers Who Are Allergic or Are Sensitive to Certain Food Products Should Alert Your Server of Such Conditions. However, Customers Should Be Aware that Some Degree of Cross Contamination of Food Items, whether Occuring During Our Food Preperation Process or Delivered to Us From Third Party Vendors, are Unavoidable.


We Pride Ourselves in Providing Enjoyable and Consistent Service and Food for Our Customers. However, We Cannot Guarentee that, Due to Certain Unavoidable Conditions at Unforeseeable Times, Certain Food Items Become Unavailable Without Prior Notice.

Raw Food Consumption

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. It is Our Top Priority to Provide a Safe and Healthy Dining Experience for Our Customers!

Hours of Operation

We Strive to Provide Reliable Service to Our Customers and Will Do Our Best to Inform of Any Changes to Our Normal Hours of Operation Ahead of Time. However, It is Possible that Certain Unavoidable Conditions Will Cause Us to Change our Hours of Operation Without Prior Notice.

Dangers in Public Dining Areas

As With any Public Area, Certain Precautions Should be Taken, Especially with Younger Children and Senior Citizens, to Avoid Bodily Injuries. Parents and Guardians are Advised to Keep Children and Seniors Attented to at All Times During Your Visit. Risks of Accidental Tripping, Slipping, Burns (from Very Hot Food Items), Cuts from Dining Utensils are Possible and Can Be Avoided by Taking Proper Precautions.

Refusal of Service

We Are in the Business to Serve our Customers and Enjoy Doing So. However, We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone Who Conducts Themselves Inappropriately or In Any Manner that Creates a Discomfortable Environment for Other Customers or Our Staff. We also Reserve the Right to Deny Service to Anyone Who Conducts Themselves in a Manner we Deem Dishonest or Has a Prior History of Such Conduct.

Satisfaction Guarentee

At Red Pavilion We Guarentee our Customers an Enjoyable Dining Experience on Every Visit. If Our Customers are not Satisfied in Anyway of their Experience, We Will Do Everything in Our Power to Correct our Mistake. This Could Entail (1) of the Following: No-Charge on the Purchase; Refund of Purchase Price(if Paid Already); Coupon Towards Next Purchase; Remake of the Order. Please Let us Know of Any Unsatifaction So that We May Correct our Mistakes and Provide Continuing Quality Service for You!